Zetachain: The New Platform Designed as an Omnichain Blockchain

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Zetachain may seem like another crypto chain or platform that tries to ‘lure’ people to use the service, but if you want to take a closer look, you will find out that this blockchain is quite different. Unlike other blockchains with their own ecosystem and platform, Zetachain strives to ‘connect’ all kinds of cryptocurrencies (and their blockchains) within a single chain. The main aim is to encourage and support omnichain interoperability. In case you don’t know it, omnichain refers to a principal protocol that offers easy transferring (or moving) of assets between chains easily and fuss-free.

About Zetachain
With the modern world and the rise of advanced technology, crypto world (and economy) is no longer a ‘weird’ term or concept. The idea of having digital money, digital wealth, or even digital assets seems reasonable as the world is moving toward future technology.

However, blockchain protocol itself has its own challenge. In most cases, the challenges are revolving around interoperability and scaling. Interoperability is about the ability for software, computer, or an ecosystem to connect (and interact) with the others. Many blockchains have struggled with this issue and they haven’t made quite a satisfying solution.

Zetachain, however, has focused on interoperability matter since the first day of its creation. They understand that blockchain tech evolves from day to day, leading to the possibility of multiple blockchains as the ecosystem’s future. For now, bridging or wrapping is the only available solution to cross-chain setting, but this solution itself is still inefficient and clunky.

With Zetachain designed as a (public) blockchain enabling generic and omnichain smart contracts, it aims to solve the multichain and cross-chain issue. This platform is designed as an open ecosystem supporting multichain and fluid crypto system. Developers and users are able to move between the blockchains — using them for privacy, games, liquidity, Defi, security, payments, social graphs, and so much more.

The Main Key Features
With Zetachain being offered as the future solution for blockchain system, it’s only natural if it has several major key points.

  • Public and Decentralized

Constructed on Tendermint Consensus and Cosmos SDK, this platform uses PoS (Proof of Stake) blockchain. It means that all transactions would be completely verifiable and transparent. It implements trust minimized manner that doesn’t require constant monitoring.

• Hyper Connected Nodes
The nodes have the observers whose responsibility is to monitor transactions on each connected chain. Thanks to these hyper connected nodes, the blockchain is able to offer seamless omnichain mechanism and environment, especially for developers, so they can build powerful and new cross-chain operations.

  • Omnichain Smart Contracts

This platform supports any smart contracts deployed within it, and then connects them to the related chains. This is the only public blockchain that has this ability to support smart contracts, allowing app development’s new paradigm.

  • Manageable External Assets

The (Zetachain) dApps and network constructed on the platform can manage vaults or assets within externally connected chains. It means that any chain’s assets can be managed easily as if it came from within that particular single chain.

How to Use the Platform

If you are curious about how to test the network and you want to know more about its operation, here are the easy steps by steps guide to follow. They are pretty straightforward and basic, so you shouldn’t have any issue using it.
• First of all, you need to go to Zetachain official website. It’s imperative that you verify your Twitter account. There is a button ‘Verify with Twitter’ that you can access easily.

  • Once the Twitter has been connected (and verified), you need to connect the wallet. On the upper (right) corner, you should see the option ‘Connect Wallet’. Click on that.
  • There would be a pop-up window appears on your screen. Choose the wallets that you prefer and then connect.

• Afterwards, you would be required to verify the wallet. Access the section ‘Leaderboard’, and then go with the option ‘Confirm Wallet’. You also need to confirm the requested signature within the wallet.
• Now you can test the tokens (for swapping)
• If you want to get test tokens, you need to choose the Goerli, BSC Testnet, or Polygon Mumbai.
• Register first. Afterwards, enter the address for the wallet and then get tokens
• Access the section ‘Get Zeta’. This is the area where you can have the test tokens, which would be needed for future testing. Then go with the option ‘Request Assets’

• If you already receive tokens, the button would be inactive, but you would be able to access it again later. Give it a while and you should be able to access it again.
• In the event you want to use extra faucet, you can access it within the platform’s Discord server. Access their ‘zeta-faucet channel’ through sending a certain command with this format: “zeta faucet drip wallet address
• When you have got the test tokens, go to the section ‘Swap’. In this section, you can perform transactions.

• Choose the network and the token to exchange. Afterwards, choose the network and also tokens that you want to RECEIVE for the exchange. Don’t forget to specify how much and then choose the option ‘Review Order’
• You can confirm your transaction by pressing ‘Allow Zeta transfer’ and then make the confirmation
• You have already provided a permission for the ZetaChain to make interaction with your own wallet. Go with the option ‘Swap’ and make a re-confirmation within the MetaMask.
• You probably have to wait for a while. When it’s ready, you will get a notification that the transaction is successful and you have got a certain number of Zeta points.

In the event you want to invite your friends to join, you can use your link. Simply access the section ‘Earn Zeta Points’ where you get your link, and then choose ‘Copy Link’ option. Feel free to share it in your social media so others can join and try.

Final Words
This platform may be new, but it offers promising future, especially for those who are into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It doesn’t hurt to take a look at Zetachain and learn more about its potential outcome.

Useful Information:
Website: https://www.zetachain.com/
Testnet Link: https://labs.zetachain.com/swap
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/kjQBqcZtnh
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zetablockchain
Blog: https://blog.zetachain.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/zetachainofficial



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