Volt NFT and the Future of NFT Platform

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Among the many platforms with various purposes, functions, and features, Volt NFT is definitely unique. It’s safe to say that the platform quite stands out among the others because it is one platform focusing on collectibles. In the world where more and more people are focusing on crypto money, instead of the items and functions, Volt is definitely different. So, what makes this platform unique and different.

Volt NFT and Its Concept

What is Volt NFT, anyway? It is the first marketplace for NFT tokens. NFT is short for Non Fungible Token. It is ‘data’ kept or accounted for within the digital ledger which is typically used to represent a piece of music album, a piece of art, or certain types of digital files.

Well, Volt specializes itself as a marketplace where users are able to buy (and also sell) collectibles. Users can also leverage their NFT token within the multi-chain ecosystem. It is about a friendly ecosystem where the user-interface is easy and straightforward. Communities can be connected together, while encouraging collectibles’ full traceability and transparency.

The Stand out Features

What makes Volt different from the others? Well, most NFT marketplaces are just…well, marketplaces. They basically act as platforms to allow NFT transactions on the chain. However, the developer team of Volt believes that the (NFT) experience should go beyond the regular term and understanding. Their main mission is to connect collectibles creators and consumers together. They want to bring those people together; providing the best (and most fun) experience between customers and creators when it comes to transact the collectibles.

Volt Features

Just like other platforms, Volt has its own features, functions, and significances. Of course, Volt NFT features should be unique and different from the others:

· Multi chain support. A stand out platform would be the one that can go beyond ETH network. Interoperability is a powerful feature that everyone expects from a crypto platform. Volt is special because it is the first ever truly multi chain platform for NFT. It means that as the platform grows and develops, it can always add other blockchains.

· NFT Launchpad. All platforms have their own community. In Volt, they provide a mean for the community to provide and support the capital — which is crucial for the upcoming projects, such as NFT fundraise project or NFT artist. Basically, the launchpad acts as the fundraising spot for new creatores and projects, where Volty tokens would be used.

· Non permissible and decentralized network. The platform’s framework is designed and created to boost (and optimize) digital asset ownership benefits. It can also support the trading core technology. It depends on the automated smart contract and the blockchain’s nature itself.

· Volt token. It is the native token used in the platform. The token itself has many functions and usages. Many fundamental projects can be rewarded and funded by Volty token. Basically, it can be used as rewards as they would be contributed and distributed to all of the users. Moreover, it can be used for fees for all of the applications in the marketplace, including the listing fees. But of course, its main purpose is for payment.

· Governance. The future of the platform depends on the community; on the users. Volty holders (whether they are traders, creators, and general users) can determine the growth and expansion of the platform, if any. Those who hold the tokens have the rights to take part in the voting process. They can take part in every decision-make, such as the future goals, the implemented new features, the roadmap, and others.

The Marketplace Features

Different platforms will lead to different policies, mechanisms, and types. Not all platforms have their own marketplaces, so having a special marketplace for the collectibles is definitely a unique thing that can be handy.

Moreover, Volt NFT marketplace has its own features, which include:

· Anti copycat technology. The platform protects the creator of the art works or collectibles by giving them the copyright perk. One of the unique feature is that a buyer can have the only access to the art work, but even after the purchase, he/she can’t publish or sell the art work without getting the consent from the original creator.

· Anti whale dumping system. The term whales here refer to individuals who hold extremely big quantity of certain token or coin. They can affect the price with only one sell order which can extremely ruin the token’s price.

· Passive income. The platform shares the tax percentage from every transactions, which enable users to earn passive income when they have joined the platform.

· Cross chain ability. Cross chain or interoperability is a crucial feature for a platform. It means that users should be able to enable transactions across different blockchains. Although Volt was developed within ETH chains, this interoperability feature allows the platform to run on different blockchains. Basically, the interoperability can remove and get rid of the chain limitation and barrier.


All in all, this platform can be a good alternative to invest your money, especially if you are into collectibles. If you want to enjoy a fun and convenient platform to save your money, Volt NFT can be a good option.

Official Resources
Website: https://www.voltnft.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VOLT_NFT
Github: https://github.com/voltnft
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/VOLT_NFT
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/VOLT_NFT
Discord: https://discord.gg/BxxKMbeyVM

Telegram: https://t.me/volt_nft

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