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The world has got to the place where almost everything turns into digital. Starting from the success of Bitcoin, you can see many cryptocurrency projects have to start creeping in as well. Some state their purpose to make an efficient digital currency with a different government that poses way more benefit than IRL money.

Considering the popularity of bitcoins and how the value can rise or plummet, there is a chance the trend is still going on. But then, what makes one different from than other? Some might use a different term, tokenomic, or promises. In this case, there is a lot of projects that propose solutions. Just like how Aspen labs make dApps to make the most of their asset.

How good is it? What is it about? Here are some details gathered from the new cryptocurrency project.

About The Project

Before going straight to the project let’s talk about the name itself. Aspen labs is an application company that works around the decentralized product. As time goes, the framework starting to take interest in joining the De-Fi or decentralized finance in the form of cryptocurrencies. It was inspired by blockchain anyways, so it brings a lot of promises.

The De-fi Project was constructed under the name of Hypersphere, which is a single-pool that has cross-chain decentralized exchanges. Until this part, you can say that it does not has something different than another project. Considering how it only focuses on finance and cross-chain exchange, with the help of Ethereum blockchain. It was later also called as dApp.

What Make It Different?

As an experienced company, the project goes beyond the De-Fi. It eventually creates another application called dLend that focuses on digital asset lending activities. Under the same social finance application, the holders of digital assets can lend some of their belonging to qualified homeowners and students. It does something different.

Not only ended there, but the company also create dCollect that is an NFT marketplace and auction host. This marketplace also focuses on historical moments, which make it different than others. Playing and generating the NFT market is getting more attention anyway, so it makes a lot of sense that the company uses the chance to make it De-Fi.

The Features

Considering how many applications the company created, you can expect more than just one feature to work with. In De-Fi or cryptocurrency market, being different can generate a lot of interest. But at the same time, it can be considered a risky business as well. In this case, the company has the advantage of being known as a professional in the blockchain and finance environment.

So, you can say that the features and promises can hold a very dear potential in the future. It is especially true when you consider that the three applications allow at least four features. Users can gain benefit from yielding farm, use the better transaction or trade with de-fi, have the platform that allows lending, or generate income from NFTs selling.


As one of the companies that are confident about their skill in creating blockchain applications, this project is considered young. In the second quarter of 2021, the company releases the dCollect historical NFTs. At the same time, there is Aspen token release via bounty and staking.

In the third quarter, the project just spread the whitepaper and tryout the Hypersphere. It includes test nets, beta release, code release, and auditing. Consider how new the project is, it is hard to tell the reliability point. Many other steps need to be done to finally see the worthiness.

But, if you are considering the experienced company background it does make sense to join. It can be a little bit risky but at the end of 2021, the company plans to release the alpha hypersphere. And at the second quarter of 2022, it will start to research and develop dLend. The company also currently doing many airdrops, which is not a bad future investment.

Token Distribution

Just like any other De-fi project, the company offers a cheaper trade fee, faster, transparent, and more secure transaction. To top up the promises, you can see that the token distribution for the project. For the Aspen labs project, the company has a total of 45,000,000 aspen tokes. The 10,000,000 will be vested and released over five years.

The distribution is also equitably fair with around 5,000,000 tokens for promotional and development activities. The rest of 30,000,000 will be released via staking in the Hypersphere. The trading fee is about 0.20%. Aspen also not going to give tokens over the initial coin offering but via staking. The aspen team will gain approximately 22.2%, foundation 11.1%, and staking 66.7%.

Considering all of the aspects and details, one can tell that it does have some potential in the future. It can be true since the company works around NFTs, decentralized exchanges, and social finance applications. Considering the great understanding of De-Fi, this project can be worth your investment.


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