Taking A Look At IDO Crypto Worthpad. Is It A Worthy Project?

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4 min readAug 21, 2021

What came to your mind when talking about cryptocurrency investment? Most of the time projects out there offer ICO or initial coin offerings. Due to the surge of ICOs, you might never hear about IDO. Surprisingly, a new project under the name of Worthpad proposes IDO or initial Dex offerings. It is something unique. But how good is it? Let’s learn about its premises.

About IDO

Let’s talk about IDO or Initial Dex Offering. It is pretty much one of the famous crypto projects you can find on the internet. However, it is hard to find due to the surging popularity of ICOs. Aside from its popularity, the system itself grants great potential for users that want an engaging business tool.

The blockchain project work by launching the cryptocurrency in the DEX (decentralized exchange). The platform will launch it’s token and raise funding from the retail investor. Due to its DEX, the blockchain can offer more listing models and more cost-effective token sales. The liquidity is also available in the pools, faster, and cheaper.

Worthpad takes that idea to provide investment in Defi and the crypto project for the masses. Using the $WORTH token, the platform extends an incubation and accelerator that can benefit investors. With the help of Defi spaces, holders and users can generate an inclusive reward. It also offers a place where professionals can create fundraising for innovative projects.

How The Project Offer Its Idea

1. A Decentralized Accelerator And Incubation

Considering how potentials the IDO is, Worthpad takes the idea to make a better incubation and accelerator platform. Worthpad will release a $WORTH coin that turns into the native currency in the ecosystem. The unique point of using IDO comes with an ability and goal to connect the innovators, the projects, and the $WORTH investor.

In other words, the project offers a better place for people to start fundraising and gain some impeccable income. The IDO and DEX also provide a wide-open platform with easy access for the public. It even proposes a better liquidity manner with the help of communities. For investors and holders, the blockchain system is a great option to gain more income.

The technologies workaround Defi spaces, which provide an inclusive and easy reward or incentive. The lower-cost listing, the easy trading system, and immediate liquidity also give more interesting points for people. All of the ideas are possible. Some other projects successfully nail the ideas and gain popularity.

2. Some Unique Features

Some features make the projects worth looking at. The first one is the DVC fund. It has a goal to provide an opportunity for people to grow their capital and reach $WORTH investor. The feature itself refers to an unlimited wealth generation for the investor. So, they can make more funding for larger everyday people.

Another feature is the DEX system, which emphasizes the use of the Binance blockchain and Ethereum. The combo does not only offer a better interface but also has a higher liquidity level. It also has an insurance treasury feature. It offers a sense of financial protection against the possibility of project failure. To top all of the ideas, Worthpad also uses smart contracts in its system.

3. The Powerful Launchpad

As an IDO, the Worthpad itself serves as a Launchpad. It refers back to the IDO’s nature that launches the token through DEX. In this case, as an incubator, the platform provides benefits for the users. It allows them to gain tokens from the project for the staking process and develop a working MVP.

The accelerator program in the platform is designated for the high growth potential startup. A startup or company that need investment and has a working MVP can gain help from the platform program. It helps raise capital. Worthpad also provides tons of help in developing a startup.

And the platform launcher is a program that helps the community to create projects that need investment capital. The community has to follow the term and conditions of the platform IDO. After that, the DEX community has the right to vote and invest in the project or not. The Worthpad Launchpad will eventually distribute the token according to the investor stake.

A New Beginning Of IDOs (The Roadmap)

IDO Launchpad project offers magnificent potentials and possibilities in the crypto world. However, Worthpad itself is still under development. The roadmap starts in the Q3 of 2021 with website, community, partnership, and product MVP building. The presale started at Q4 2021, and the long list reaches Q3 2023. So, it is better to see how it goes.

Considering how unique the platform is, you can say that it does has some potentials. The IDOs crypto is not something new. And at some point, the older generation is considered more attractive than ICOs and IEOs. The offer also states quick liquidity, trading, and lower-cost listing. But Worthpad is a new project. So, it is worth paying attention during its development.

Official Website: https://worthpad.io/
Lite Paper: https://worthpad.io/#Whitepaper

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/worthpad
Medium: https://worthpad.medium.com/
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/worthpad_ann
Official Group: https://t.me/worthpad
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/worthpad/

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