Learning How Koinomo Cryptocurrency Works To Provide Higher BTC Profit

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If you see the range of cryptocurrencies projects and platforms, you will find that koinomo is just one of its kind. It does not offer too many groundbreaking solutions. But, the design and the name itself are pretty worth looking at. The platform offers digital asset management that brought up a higher return in the future. But how does it works?

Wallet And Token

Koinomo uses a native currency called $KMO. It is a utility token that helps power the activities in the platform, including all of its decentralized digital assets fund trade and pool. With its goal to make a new passive earning using crypto, the native token helps users to gain more in the future. The token itself will be available in the Pancakeswap and BSC networks.

It helps elevating its usability and flexibility and compatibility with third-party services wallet, trade, or exchanges. At the same time, the token will also be easy to integrate. You join and get the token when it launched and join the ICO. The release date is September 9th and ended on the 16th. You can buy it using 1 BNB to get 2100 $KMO.

To accompany its token, the koinomo also uses a wallet. You can use any kind of digital currency wallet for $KMO. The wallet will be the tool to exchange your cryptocurrency. The coin balance will be seen in the right upper corner. You will need the wallet before joining the koinomo or buy $KMO.

Fund Management

1. Flat Fees

The first thing that is worth looking at is its promise of no flat fees. The platform states that the project does not charge any flat fees. It only charges around 20% profit fees. The idea highlights the system of shared profits. In other words, the platform only gets profit once you got money from the investor.

It makes the fund management trustworthy to a certain extend. You can say that both parties will gain return in the same ways. The platform will be financially incentivized to deliver a return to your capital. It can make a good future investment. But at the same time, the percentage is rather high. Which means you have to pay more as you get investment.

2. Exit The Fund

To maintain the platform, koinomo uses very strict regulations. The DEX helps to create transparency. It also set no minimum investment period, which means you can exit whenever you want. It does offer flexibility, but at the same time, you need to see the termination rules.

Once you want to exit, the platform will deposit the balance into your wallet. The process will take around 24 hours, and you can use it for any BTC you need. The initiation should be completed under the withdrawal request. It works with any other BTC wallet, so you will not lose your money or deposit on the platform.

3. Pool Distribution

Since both parties earn a profit, the platform also manages to tell the user to be aware of investment risk. In other words, you have to accept the fact that the platform will take around 20% of your profit. But the good news is that you can also earn money from the pool.

The decentralized platform uses a secured cryptocurrency machine (blockchain and smart contract). Only around 30–60% of the pooled investment will be in the exchange market. It helps secure the fund and avoid any worse case of situations, such as hacks or tampering. Meanwhile, the rest of the pooled fund will be in the base currency.

Profit And Loss Calculation

So, how does the platform calculate the profit and its loss? Koinomo uses USDT to calculate everything. The idea is that Koinomo can increase the FIAT value of your bitcoin even though the market is pretty barren. It is very doubtful. But, the platform will use investing and trading to help increase the FIAT Value.

The platform will distribute the value of losses upon withdrawal among investors proportionally. The distribution will be respected on the investment degree. The losses will alter updated in the account as one of your profits. Again, it is worth looking at it. So you can make sure whether it is legit or not.


The distribution is pretty fair. The 40% of the token gore to the public sales. 15% for marketing, 15% for future development, 10% for the team, 10% for private sales, 5% for legal, and the rest of 5% will go to the bounty airdrop. While the sale proceeds allocation mostly goes to liquidity (50%). The fund infrastructure is 25%, marketing 20%, and legal 5%.

Since koinomo is very young and not yet running, it is pretty clear that the ideas are not yet running. However, it does not mean you cannot or should not invest in it. Koinomo distribution, fund management, and basic operation are pretty clear. It provides a place for an investor to make more profit in the future by using the pool, trade, and investment.

Website: https://koinomo.finance/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yzbSyRE55iafpcJQgz9ouyIsM7yElYB2/view

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