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Being one of the new big and potential digital subjects in the current generation, NFT is generating more and more attention. From the mere artwork of online media, it now envelops a bigger reach, including the gamer. The two different aspects combined by Xircus, the first multi-chain gamified DAO platform. What is it? Here are some details to know.

About The Unique DAO Platform

Starting with the platform itself. As a new NFT platform, the name of Xircus is unique. However, it does more than just a name. One thing that is quite desirable is the idea of gamified DAO NFT marketplace creation platform. What is it? It is a platform that allows users to create a custom NFT marketplace.

NFT or non-fungible token is currently a gateway for artists or creators to pursue greater incomes. It makes Xircus become one of the NFT marketplace creator platforms on the internet. Like any other platform, Xircus offer everything needed for NFT marketplaces or auctions. It includes the pan-dimensional gateway, DSasS model, and free-of-cost services.

Why NFT And Who Is It For?

But then why NFT? If you take a look at how the product has a blockchain potential technology, it is not a unique case that people are trying it. In this case, NFT is also one of the solutions that protect digital asset originality. There are NFT marketplaces that scored billions of dollars in trade.

The market also growing pretty fast and the creator is getting more competitive. That is where Xircus trying to take action. The platform wants to empower influencers, artists, and collectors for NFT. The user got the power to create a custom marketplace without being obstructed by an intermediary platform.

But then what kind of NFT? Many platforms offer the same idea to Xircus. The platform mentions almost everyone, including influencers, brands, creators, dApps, marketplaces, and branding or marketing agencies. It means that Xircus offer bigger reach and smaller limitation.

The dApps itself is a pretty good idea to facilitate users. They can save a lot and the decentralized government offers a better ecosystem. The blockchain project will provide democratizing access to tokenization and NFT trading. At one point, you can pinpoint that the platform itself can turn into a great solution for B2B/B2C trade.

What makes Xircus Offers special?

1. Creating NFT Marketplace

The idea of providing users to create an NFT marketplace is not an original work. However, the platform underlines that it can provide users better customization, control, and ownership. The platform use native utility token with multiple application in the ecosystem itself. It also uses cross-chain compatibility. So the platform supports EVM protocols.

The platform was also built under the Binance Smart chain to adopt the low gas fees and fast transaction aspects. However, the platform also features a Defi-powered token economy. Users can gain rewards by participating in the ecosystem or platform activities. The technologies help to create a cost-less feature, fast creation, cross-promotion, and the ability to own your ecosystem.

2. Layer-3 Blockchain Solution

The blockchain system is complex by itself. However, Xircus offer great solutions for its blockchain technology. It includes privacy authentication, a continuous roadmap, infrastructure, and a developer-friendly platform. When the ideas are brought up together, it helps create a more down-to-earth NFT platform.

The solution itself also highlighting the sense of security through API authentication. The infrastructure is built with high speed and dedicated servers. The stellar and sturdy foundation will help a lot in the later stages. It even has a cloud firewall that enhances the security point to prevent DDoS attacks.

3. Highly Customizable Marketplace

Users that want to make a unique NFT marketplace can also use the integration technology. The platform work with Angular, Vue, React, and NextJS codebase. It brings more versatile customizability for the NFT marketplace. It even has a smart contract that works with many EVM-compatible blockchains. In other words, you can reach a bigger market and use any ERC20/BEP20 token standard.


Considering how NFT takes the internet like a tsunami, the project itself is pretty promising. The idea of providing a platform that allows user to create NFT marketplace help digital artist reclaim what they deserve. However, what makes it unique and worth looking at is the gamers market.

Gaming is currently increasing in demand and trend. It has a targeted market that has a dedicated presence in the digital realm. Xircus and its pan-dimensional gateway for NFT are the great way gamers, producers, or creators gain income. It even has some functions that allow users (gamers) to gain more benefits and join the NFT gaming community for the better.

Taking a look at the platform’s ideas for the NFT marketplace and its user, try to keep an eye on the development. Xircus is currently onboarding its first users, launching its community, and reaching phase 1.0. There is much other information to wait for, which makes the platform worth checking.


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