Future Scalability Solution with Jax.Network

The Problem with Ethereum and Bitcoin

The Unique Features about Jax.Network

Jax Coin Reward

Benefits of the Platform

  • Sharding technology. This is a pure art-of-state sharding technology, meaning that all validators, transactions, and accounts would be distributed between the shards. The verification of each transaction doesn’t require any preceding (transaction) history’s knowledge.
  • Equitable Merged mining. The platform utilizes merged mining technology and technique to protect the shards from the shard-over threats and attacks. The mining reward system is balanced and flexible, so each participant would be proportionally rewarded so the network can be maintained properly and correctly.
  • Universal Reward Function. The platform provides rewards based on the PoW protocol. As a result, it is expected that every Jax coin value would be equal across the platforms and even the universe.
  • Decentralized transfer ecosystem and technology. The platform is about robust and solid transfer ecosystem. It is based on the decentralized (exchange) protocol that helps with cross-shard transactions.

Final Words



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