Belaunch and Its Crucial Role as a Launchpad

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You probably have heard about Belaunch designed as this new decentralized launchpad, but what is it, really? In today’s modern time where digital platforms are abundant and digital economy has started to rise in popularity (and existence), having a blockchain platform seems like an ideal startup first step in doing business. However, not everyone has the ability to even start the project, and here’s when Belaunch’s role is needed.

What’s the Main Function?

A launchpad would help users ‘launch’ their token and even help within the initial token sale. As it was mentioned before, not everyone is familiar with the process to start the blockchain projects. Most people believe that you need to have coding knowledge and skills to start.

Well, with Belaunch, there is no such a thing. Even when you don’t have any coding skills or knowledge, you can still launch your projects and create your own token. In fact, this launchpad makes it super simple and easy to navigate through the platform, make designs with several clicks, and voila! Your token would be ready. And as if it weren’t enough, the platform can even help you with the initial token sale.

The Benefits

Belaunch isn’t only designed as a handy platform with user orientation as its main focus. It’s basically offering all-in-one launchpad (for DeFi), but it’s also able to integrate other services, such as KYC audit, marketing, and more within the same platform. You won’t have to go elsewhere just to launch your project. Having the platform is like having your own trusted and skilled IT team that will help you with your project launch while eliminating the possibility of issues altogether.

This platform is designed to help users in a mutually beneficially and balanced environment, which can bring advantages not only for project owners but also investors. And it’s a win-win solution for everyone, arranged in the simplest manner possible.

The Features

There are some straightforward features that can help you with this platform’s operation:

· It offers the lowest fees

· It’s easy to use without you having to own any coding skills or whatsoever

· It is a highly user-focused platform

· It’s a secure and safe platform that supports anti bot and anti rug services

· It has worked together with many organizations that can provide professional services

· It has unique and one-of-a-kind staking system that can benefit everyone involved in it


If you have blockchain projects that need launching, this would be the perfect launchpad to help you. Why don’t you try Belaunch now, and see how it works for you?

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